The story of Oh Frig

 The idea was conceived in the wee hours of an accidental caffeine induced insomnia, my brain decided to reminisce past holidays – throwing up images of lazing at the beach, beautiful landscapes, road trips and everything in between.

Along with those memory flashes, was one that started the Oh Frig journey.

On a particular flight, my handbag had tipped over just after take-off. No big deal – I tossed in the tipped-out contents and propped my bag up… and that was when I felt it. Cold. Tacky. Gross. There was what I can only assume to be, some bugger’s chewed & spat out candy, stuck to the bottom of my mustard-coloured bag. “OH FRIG!!!!!!!” (There were kids beside me; I’m responsible that way.)

I put it down as just tough luck, but from then on, I was this person:

And in that state of insomnia, Oh Frig was conceived.